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About Lușu Software

Lușu Software is an IT outsourcing company that provides excellent software solutions to our clients, regardless of the level of intermediation. We are a small but dynamic and dedicated team of experts who can handle any software challenge with professionalism and efficiency. We offer customized, full stack expertise with senior developers who are supported by experienced architects.

Our clients include small agencies as well as large corporations, and our services span from frontend to backend and from concept to implementation. We use the latest technologies and best practices to ensure that our software solutions meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our Clients

Asociația ”O lume mai buna - România” Eddie's Travel Mikó András Foundation StilCon M.A. Vlado Production Zega Software Eved LLC Europe Oficiul Național al Registrului Comerțului Cegeka RIA Solutions Group Principal33 Aily Labs Carglass Belgium GXO Logistics MER Shoes Arena Soft Consult Granite Worktops 4U Zega Technologies Enso AI

What we do

Web sites

These are collections of web pages that provide information or entertainment to users.

Transform your digital presence with our expertly crafted websites. Our team designs and develops collections of web pages that not only convey information or entertain but create an immersive and captivating online experience for your visitors. Whether you're establishing an online identity or enhancing an existing one, our websites are tailored to meet your unique needs and leave a lasting impression.

Web applications

These are software programs that run on web browsers and can perform various tasks such as online shopping, banking, gaming, etc.

Elevate your online interactions with our user-friendly web applications. Imagine accessing powerful software tools directly from your web browser—making tasks like online shopping, banking, and gaming seamless and enjoyable. Our web applications are designed for simplicity and efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of your online experiences without the hassle of traditional software installations.

Web services

These are software components that communicate with other applications using standard protocols such as HTTP and XML. They can provide functionality such as data exchange, authentication, payment, etc.

Empower your digital ecosystem with our cutting-edge web services. These behind-the-scenes software components communicate with other applications, providing seamless functionalities like secure data exchange, user authentication, and payment processing. Think of it as the invisible force that enhances the performance and reliability of your online platforms, making your digital journey smoother and more secure.

Desktop applications

These are software programs that run on personal computers and can perform various tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet, photo editing, etc.

Supercharge your productivity with our intuitive desktop applications. Tailored for personal computers, these software programs excel in everyday tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet management, and photo editing. Our user-friendly interfaces ensure that you can effortlessly navigate through your digital workspace, making work a breeze and maximizing your efficiency.

Cloud applications

These are software programs that run on remote servers and can be accessed via the internet. They can offer scalability, reliability, and security benefits over traditional applications.

Embrace the future of computing with our cloud applications. Instead of relying on your computer's processing power, our programs run on powerful remote servers accessible via the internet. This brings you scalability, reliability, and enhanced security, allowing you to focus on your work without the constraints of traditional applications.

Mobile applications

These are software programs that run on smartphones and tablets and can perform various tasks such as navigation, social media, fitness tracking, etc.

Stay connected and productive on the go with our mobile applications. Tailored for smartphones and tablets, these programs bring convenience to tasks like navigation, social media engagement, and fitness tracking. Experience the freedom of having your essential tools right at your fingertips, enhancing your mobile lifestyle.

Web hosting

This is a service that provides space and resources on a server to host web sites and applications.

Secure your online presence with our reliable web hosting services. We provide the necessary space and resources on our servers to host your websites and applications. Think of it as your digital real estate – a place where your online identity resides, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your visitors.

Email services

These are services that enable users to send and receive electronic messages via the internet.

Simplify your communication with our comprehensive email services. Whether it's Web Mail, SMTP, POP3, or IMAP, we offer maximum flexibility for sending and receiving electronic messages over the internet. Stay connected effortlessly and securely, ensuring that your communication flows smoothly in the digital realm.

At our company, we take your communication seriously, and our email services are committed to providing a secure and spam-free environment. With a zero-tolerance against spam, we enforce rigorous policies to ensure that your inbox remains clutter-free and your messages are delivered with the utmost reliability. We go a step further by establishing written agreements with major email providers, enhancing our spam reporting and handling capabilities. These agreements ensure that any instances of unwanted emails are promptly addressed, maintaining the integrity of your communication channels. Rest assured that our commitment to a spam-free experience underscores our dedication to providing you with a secure and streamlined email service.

Domain hosting

This is a service that provide resources on a server to host and manage your domains.

Manage your digital domains effortlessly with our domain hosting services. We provide the necessary resources on our servers to host and efficiently handle your online identities. Think of it as your digital headquarters, where your domains are managed with precision and care.

Hardware design

This is the process of creating physical devices and components that can perform specific functions.

Shape the future of technology with our innovative hardware design solutions. We specialize in creating physical devices and components that perform specific functions, blending functionality with aesthetics. Our team ensures that your hardware stands out in the competitive landscape, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Embeded software

This is the software that runs on hardware devices and controls their behavior.

Drive efficiency with our embedded software solutions. This software seamlessly runs on hardware devices, controlling their behavior with precision. It's like the conductor of a digital orchestra, ensuring that your devices operate harmoniously and deliver optimal performance.


This is the process of connecting multiple devices and systems using communication protocols and technologies.

Build robust connections with our networking services. We excel in the process of connecting multiple devices and systems using advanced communication protocols and technologies. Think of us as the architects of your digital infrastructure, ensuring that your devices communicate seamlessly and efficiently.

Authorized Translations

We do authorized translations with translators authorized by the Romanian Minister of Justice.

Break language barriers with our authorized translation services. Our team specializes in Romanian-French, French-Romanian, Romanian-English, and English-Romanian translations. Our translators, authorized by the Romanian Minister of Justice, ensure precision and accuracy, bridging the gap between languages and cultures with professionalism and expertise.

Document Editing

We create your documents for you in a profesional maner from received papers.

Present your ideas with polished perfection using our document editing services. We create Microsoft Word (or other text formats) documents professionally from received papers. Imagine having a dedicated team refining your content, ensuring clarity, coherence, and a professional touch to your written materials.

What we know

Programming languages

C, C++, Embedded C/C++
PASCAL / Delphi
Assembler (Z-80, x86, ATMEL AVR)

Server-side page frameworks

JSP, Sruts, Spring

Scripting languages

JavaScript, TypeScript
Shell scripts (Batch, PowerShell, Bash etc.)


Relational (SQL) databases (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, SqLite, Access, FoxPro etc.)
NoSQL Databases (Mongo DB, Redis, Casandra, Dynamo DB CouchDB etc.)
Database scripting (T-SQL, P-SQL, PgSQL)


Application protocols (HTTP, FTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, TELNET, DNS etc.)
Comunication protocols (TCP, UDP, Serial, RS485, CanBus, ModBus etc.)
Configuration and security
Racking, cabling and structuring

OS and Security

Security audit
Security advisory
Setup and configuration


Schematics and PCB design
Specialized CAD (Eagle, KiKad, EasyEDA)
Microchip/ATMEL AVR MCUs (ATMega, ATTiny)